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The Collective Act of Making a Rope, Performative workshop, in collaboration with Lea Wittich, 2020

A monument is an idology manifested in material. DeMarrais, Castillo and Earle describe them in ‘Ideology, Materialization, and Power Strategies’ as ‘effective and enduring means of communication, often expressing relatively unambiguous messages of power’. There is a long history of the removal of monuments such as the destruction of Lenin statues in the countries of the former USSR after the fall of the SovietUnion of the denazifaction of Germany after the end of World War II.

Detruction is closely linked to the moment of creativity being an essential concept from ancient greek (the Dionysian) to the Hegelian concept of
Sublation. The term of ‘creative destruction’ was established by sociologist Werner Sombart referring bacj to Karl Marx’ observation of the necessity of crisis to overcome and old economic system (such as feudalism being replaced by capitalism) as well as the tendencies of crisis in the capitalist system. Austrian economic Joseph Schumpeter later coined the less critical usage of the term as an innovatice force for the sake of economic force.

The collective act of making a rope was a site-specific (at Platz der Demokratie, Weimar) performative workshop in collaboration with Lea Wittich. The project explores the idea of collectively making a rope as a strategy to express and exercise dissent where tappling monuments are not possible.

Pictures- Pedro Rodolpho

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