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Objects of Pride-Transformable garment for women, Traditional fabric and waterproof fabric


Size variable, 2016







The intention was to design a garment with functions suitable to the occupation of women construction workers.The design of the garment was a mixture between traditional female attire of west India and contemporary female garments. The garment was completely assemble-able, with detachable individual parts. The detachable parts of the garment had water proof layers attached so that water doesn't touch the main body and the person doesn't fall sick. The head gear for the dress can be used for safely carrying weight (as it is cushioned). The blouse of the dress is designed to safeguard mothers while nursing in public spaces. The Ghagra (skirt) has a  safe pocket inside to keep valuables for the female workers. The pants have emergency pockets for sanitary napkins as menstruation was one of the prime concerns.

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