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Body as Banner is an ongoing series along with various collaborators, that investigates possibilities of developing and repurposing clothing for protests. The project uses clothing as an extension of the body, and which becomes the site of protest. These dresses are currently in the possession of the anti-fascist drumming group Weimar, Germany named ‘Rhythms of Resistance’. The group continues to wear these clothes for anti-fascist demonstrations not only in the Weimar City but also around Europe, wherever they travel. The paintings in between the musicians represent multiple global protests. These in-between clothes can be repainted anytime according to the need of the hour.

The work was only possible thanks to the support received from the members of the "Rhythms of Resistance" drumming group Weimar ( Julia Dürkoop; Tanguy Sanglier; Frederieke Eckstein, Jonathan Joosten, Lorenz Beer and Suna Yoo ), Husain Vaghjipurwala, Lea Wittich, and Adhika Ferdinand. The dresses are produced with the help of Binita Limbani. Animation produced in collaboration with Mainak Mitra.




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